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Originalarbeiten (Zeitschrift)
(2009): Transdiaphragmatic repositioning of the heart in the setting of emergency laparotomy after blunt trauma AMER J EMERG MED. 2009; 27(8): 1024-1024.
(2009): Management of brain abscesses in children treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2009; 52(3): 408-411.
(2009): Self-expanding bifurcation stent for malignant esophagotracheobronchial fistula. Asian Cardiovasc Thorac Ann. 2009; 17(1): 79-81.
(2009): Banning smoking without compromise is the only way out of misery. Wien Klin Wochenschr. 2009; 121(15-16): 486-490.
(2009): Endothelin-1 inhibits background two-pore domain channel TASK-1 in primary human pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2009; 41(4): 476-483.

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(2009): Moderate hypoxia induces hypoxic adaptation in an ex-vivo non-small cell lung cancer model Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift 2009; 121(17-1):A50--ÖGP Annual Congress; JUN 11-13; Salzburg, AUSTRIA.
(2009): Prostacyclin Analogues Activates Calcium-dependent Potassium (K-Ca) Channels via PPAR beta/delta in Pulmonary Artery CIRCULATION. 2009; 120(18):S1021-S1022.-American Heart Association Scientific Session; NOV 14-18, 2009; Orlando, USA.
(2009): Localization of NADPH Oxidase-4 is Crucial in Determining the Oxygen Sensitivity of TASK-1 Channel in Primary Human Pulmonary Artery Smooth Muscle Cells Circulation2009; 120(18):S626--American Heart Association´s Scientific Session 2009; NOV 13-18, 2009; Orlando, Florida, USA.
(2009): Rare Differential diagnosis of pulmonary Infiltrates: Intra-vascular Lymphoma WIEN KLIN WOCHENSCHR. 2009; 121(17-18):A64-A64.-Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Pneumologie; JUN 11-13, 2009; Salzburg, AUSTRIA.
(2009): Creation of a prevascularized site for pancreatic islet cell transplantation using a V.A.C.-GranuFoam and hyperbaric oxygenation in rats. Transplant International2009; 22(2):221-221.-ESOT, European Society of Organ Transplantation; Aug 28-Sept 2, 2009; Paris, FRANCE.
(2009): Creating a prevascularized site for islet transplantation using a VAC (R)-GranuFoamTM and HBO in rats XENOTRANSPLANTATION. 2009; 16(5):427-427.
(2009): Creating a prevascularized site for islet transplantation using a V.A.C. - Granufoam and HBO in rats. Xenotransplantation2009; 16(5):409-409.-Joint Meeting of the International Pancreas and Islet Transplant Association (IPITA) and the International Xenotransplantation Association (IXA); Oct 12-16, 2009; Venice, Italy.