Section for Surgical Research

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The Section for Surgical Research was established in 1993 as a §67 division according to the University Organizational Law (UOG) of 1993 and has existed in its current form since 2004, following a reform of the UOG in 2002. The Section is responsible for special teaching and research tasks and is obliged to assure safe and rational use of the technical and other infrastructure. Researchers from various departments of the Medical University pursue their many scientific projects, and the Section hosts special teaching activities including labs, proseminars, seminars and postgraduate training.

Selman Uranues, Associate Professor of Surgery, has headed the Section since 1996. It is not easy to be a researcher in a department of surgery. A surgeon on the academic career track must first learn the trade, practice it daily, do research and fulfill teaching obligations. A research surgeon must choose between his/her catalogue of operations and research activities. The ever-increasing specialization in clinic and research represent a further challenge to stay abreast of new developments. Surgical research is not limited to the lab; it is pursued clinically in the operating room and at the bedside. It is the combination of theory with patient-oriented practice and experience that will sharpen decision making and surgical skills.

In spite of the difficulties involved, research is like an addiction that, once acquired, is hard to shake. It is a special concern of Dr. Uranues to pass on his enthusiasm for research and to show others that it is worth pursuing. The tremendous increase in research activities at the Section for Surgical Research is the reward for this untiring effort and impressively reflects the importance of the work of this unit.

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