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(2004): Immediate functional transfer of the latissimus dorsi myocutaneous island flap for reestablishment of elbow flexion in upper arm replantation: two clinical cases. J Trauma. 2004; 57(6):1347-1350
(2004): The lower trapezius musculocutaneous flap from pedicled to free flap: anatomical basis and clinical applications based on the dorsal scapular artery. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2004; 113(6):1580-1590
(2004): Sunburn cell formation, dendritic cell migration, and immunomodulatory factor production after solar-simulated irradiation of sunscreen-treated human skin explants in vitro. J INVEST DERMATOL. 2004; 123(4): 781-787.
(2004): The posterior interosseous artery in the distal part of the forearm. Is the term &quotrecurrent branch of the anterior interosseous artery&quot justified? Br J Plast Surg. 2004; 57(7):638-644
(2004): Necrotizing fasciitis after ambulatory phlebectomy performed with use of tumescent anesthesia. J VASC SURG. 2004; 39(1): 263-265.
(2004): The treatment of painful neuroma on the lower extremity by resection and nerve stump transplantation into a vein. Foot Ankle Int. 2004; 25(7):476-481
(2004): Verrucous carcinoma of the skin: long-term follow-up results following surgical therapy. Dermatol Surg. 2004; 30(8):1124-1130
(2004): Clinical application of the retrograde arterialized venous flap. Microsurgery. 2004; 24(2):118-124
(2004): Vacuum assisted closure system in the management of cervical anastomotic leakage after gastric pull-up. Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg. 2004; 3(1): 92-94.
(2004): The impact of the VAC-treatment for locally advanced malignancy of the scalp. ZBL CHIR. 2004; 129 Suppl 1(9): S141-S146.

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(2004): 4 years follow-up of gastric banding and body contouring OBES SURG 2004 14: 451-451.
(2004): 4 years follow-up of gastric banding and body contouring INT J OBESITY 2004 28: S185-S185.